Vertical sliding door LWT

Negative temperature vertical sliding doors


Vertical sliding door suitable cold rooms having negative temperatures up to -45°C, equipped with EN13241-1 certified anti-fall safety systems.

  • For negative temperatures up to -45°C
  • Blade thickness available: 121 and 151mm
  • Polyurethane density 45 Kg/m³


  • Suitable for cold rooms used for the preservation of foods at a temperature from -5° and up to –45°C.
  • The vertical sliding doors are mainly used in: plants for the meat processing, cheese factories, deposits for the preservation of fruit and vegetables, slaughters, ice cream industry. where isn't possible to install sliding door.


Sliding system

  • Motion is conveyed by 2 Ø6mm cables. They are positioned on the right and on the left corners in order to correctly lift the door;
  • The door is well-balanced by one only counterweight. This is to let the mounting be easier and to reduce the side dimensions;
  • The aluminium guide has been especially conceired for such a door and it meets all the safety, sturdiness and easy istallaton requirements;
  • The limit stop grants a perferct baskets crushing;
  • The plastic roller grants a linear motion and reduces the noise.

Security :

  • The use of 2 cables connected at the same counterweight produces a safety redudancy. This is because whether one cable is cut, the other is able to support the door.
  • In case both the cables are cut, a special falling prevention safety device doesn’t allow the door to be closed.

Standard dimensions one blade version

  • Up to 3000x3500mm;
  • When both sides have a dimension bigger than 2500 mm, the blade is divided, horizontally, in two parts (the lower part is realized with H=1250mm while the upper part is given by the difference) and the frame is supplied dismounted.


Metal sheets colors and stainless steel versions


(the colors are only representative)

Blade protection

The protection can be mounted inside, outside or on both sides

Available materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Corrugated aluminum (riveted to the surface)
  • White polyethylene (riveted to the surface)




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