Positive temperature sliding doors


Sliding door for cold room at a medium temperature (up to 0°C minimum), with patented sliding system "Mirror" model with
the addition of 2 fixed hatches for the meat-rail passage.

  • For temperature up to 0°C
  • Blade thickness 68mm
  • Polyurethane density: 40Kg/m³


Suitable for cold rooms used for the preservation, the transformation and the seasoning of foods at a positive temperature (0°C minimum).
They are used only in slaughters and plants for the processing of cold meat.

Sliding system

  • The patented “Mirror” sliding system is totally symmetrical and doesn’t need any adjustment to change the opening way, it’s made of:
    1. Sliding profile in extruded anodized aluminium, with anti-fall section
    2. Ramps, or falling bends, assuring a perfect contact between the door and the frame they provide the best insulation between the inside and the outside of the cold room. They are assembled on the closing side of the door;
    3. Cover (option), made in extruded anodized aluminium it can be simply opened thanks to the hinges assembled on its top, to realize inspection or cleaning services.

Blade/frame system

  • The pulleys, which are replaced by the “swan neck” at the top of which are mounted apposite pulleys;
  • Adjustable rear register, by means of with the door slides along the lower guide;
  • Lower closing hook: it’s made of plastic and assembled on the closing side of the frame and during the closing it assures the hermetic contact between the door and the frame;
  • Striker of the lower closing hook: it’s made of plastic and assembled on the blade, on the handle side. During the closing of the door it goes into the lower hook and assures the hermetic contact between the door and the frame.

Standard dimensions one blade version

  • Up to 2500x3000mm.


PLCE/PLCL Automation system


Metal sheets colors and stainless steel versions


(the colors are only representative)

Blade protection

The protection can be mounted inside, outside or on both sides

Available materials:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Corrugated aluminum (riveted to the surface)
  • White polyethylene (riveted to the surface)

Lock art 94

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