Condensing unit R452A, for capillary exp.

Air cooled Condensing Unit 

Capillary expansion

Range 1/3 HP > 1,2HP

Refrigerant R452A/R404A

Hermetic compressor

1 or 2 fans

NO Liquid Receiver

Valve on suction and liquid line


UCSG datasheet

1 fan - 1 phase version
Code Model Compressor Power
Cooling capacity (watt) Connections Dimensions (mm)
-40 -35 -30 -23 IN OUT P L H
02049.70UCSG 33 AEMT2125GK1/31001502153253/8-101/4-6500340270
02049.71UCSG 50 ANEK2134GK1/21302173134733/8-101/4-6500340270
02049.72UCSG 58 ANEK2150GK5/81952543495383/8-101/4-6500340270
02049.73UCSG 75 ANEK2168GK3/42533444626833/8-101/4-6500340300
02049.74UCSG 90 ANT2180GK7/83074195608133/8-101/4-6500340300
02049.75UCSG 120 ANT2192GK1 1/537253472710591/2-123/8-10540400350

Test conditions Tev = -30°C   Condensing temperature +45°C, Ambient temperature +32°, Superheat 6K, Subcooling 8K (1 fan)



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