Monoblock UMZ/UMT

Monoblock for wall

Units type UMZ and UMT are complete refrigerating systems designed as a plug-in for straddle and through-wall mounting in cold rooms.
With their utmost ease of installation and the manufacturing and quality standards they meet, they represent an innovative, technologically advanced product that is simple to use, reducing costs and installation times.
These monoblocs come complete with: 

  • Control panel complete with control unit and autonomous ON/OFF switch. 
  • Evaporator with variable frequency electrical defrosting.
  • Condensate collection tub complete with evaporation coil and overflow pipe.
  • Cold room door resistance power cable.
  • Cold room door fan cut off microswitch.
  • Cold room light (with lamp and ceiling lamp).


  • Application range NT (-5° ; +5°) and LT (-25° ; +15°)
  • Stainless steel bearing structure
  • Plastified metal cover,
  • Aluminium sheet inner evaporator case.
  • Hermetic compressor with thermal protection.
  • Heat exchangers with copper pipes and aluminium finning and frame.
  • Capillary expansion.
  • High capacity and low noise fan motors.


  • Condenser fan pressure switch.
  • Anti-corrosive painting of the evaporator coil.


  • Easy and fast to install.
  • Reduced work on cold room panels.
  • The cover is designed to allow easy accessible and fast maintenance operations.
  • Energy saving: the unit is optimized to obtain the best possible output/energy consumption ratio.






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