MTA Compact monoblock

Monoblock for cabinet

Monoblocs MTA Compact are plug-in refrigerating systems compact in size for ceiling mounting on refrigerated cabinets.
The small dimensions of the base plate simplify the installation of the monobloc on small-sized cabinets (400 and 600 L). The use of high efficiency EC fan motors and the high manufacturing and quality standards ensure a long-lasting, innovative, simple to use and technologically advanced product.
Monoblocs MTA Compact are designed to work with propane (R290), a natural refrigerating gas with excellent cooling properties and almost no environmental impact. They are available in versions for high, medium and low temperature with the possibility to personalize the monoblocs with UL and special voltage and frequencies components.


- Application range: HBP (+2°C; +8°C), MBP (- 5°C; +5°C) and LBP (-22°C; -18°C)
- Natural or hot gas defrost
- High efficiency hermetic compressor and fan motors
- PP base plate
- PUE insulated evaporator case with high insulation 0,023 W/mK (compared to polystyrene 0,040 W/mK)
- Water tray equipped with forced evaporation coil made of anticorrosion stainless steel
- Capillary expansion
- Tropicalized range for external temperature up to +40°C


- Compact size to install the monoblocs on smaller refrigerated cabinets
- Easy and fast to install
- Fewer cuts needed on the cabinet
- Reduced after-sales costs
- The integrated evaporator allows more available space in the cabinet
- Base plate and hole measures for ventilation, standard for all models
- Automatic evaporating system
- N° 2 NTC probes included


- Special voltages
- Wiring kit for the connection to the cabinet’s thermostat
- EC motor fan
- Evaporator air conveyer


CodE Model Application Power Compressor Temperature Refrigerant Defrost Weight Dimensions
       V Hz HP  W W IN A IN Internal  External Type Type Kg L D H  
198183 MTA COMPACT HU/600 N HBP 220/240 50  1/7 261 128 0,8 +2 /+8 + 40 R290 Natural 22  520  490  277
198683 MTA COMPACT MU/600 G MBP 220/240 50  1/4 338 172 1 -5 / +5 + 40 R290 Hot gas 24  520  490  277
198983 MTA COMPACT U/600 G LBP 220/240 50  1/2 509 342 2,7 -15 / -22 + 40 R290 Hot gas 25  520  490  277

Test conditions HU/MU: External temperature +35°C / Evaporating temperature -10°C / Condensing temperature +55°C
Test conditions U: External temperature +35°C / Evaporating temperature -30°C / Condensing temperature +45°C







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