Monoblock MTT 2.0

Monoblock for counter

Monoblocks MTT2.0 4V are complete refrigerating systems plug-in for refrigerated counters. Their easy installation, the manufacturing and quality standards ensure to the customers an innovative, technologically advanced product, owing to cost reduction and time saving.


  • Application range
    • HBP (+2°C; +8°C)
    • MBP (-2°C; +6°C)
    • LBP (-15°C; -20°C)
  • Natural, electrical or hot gas defrost
  • High efficiency hermetic compressor
  • PP base plate
  • PUE insulated evaporator case with high insulation
  • Water tray equipped with forced evaporation coil made of anticorrosion stainless steel
  • Capillary expansion
  • Working up to +40°C external temperature
  • Left or right mounting
  • Range "plus" (+) for pastry application
  • Wiring standard for all models
  • Top or back ventilation

Mtt Scheme


  • Easy and fast to installR290
  • Minimized work and cutting on counter
  • Reduced after-sales costs
  • The integrated evaporator allows more available space in the counter
  • Base plate and hole measures for ventilation, standard for all models
  • Automatic evaporating system
  • Tree NTC probes included
  • Possibility of disassembly and reassembly using only the front opening of the table

Mtt Montag


  • Special power supply and voltage
  • Wiring kit for the connection to the counter's thermostat
  • EC motor fan
  • Vertical rail mounting kit
  • Evaporator air convoyer




Mtt Dim


Mtt Instal



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