Sliding doors automation - 80/120Kgs


Automation kit for sliding door, certified EN13241-1, having the possibility to set up the logic and with several optionals.

  • Maximum weight 80Kgs (model PLCL 18)
  • Maximum weight 120Kgs (model PLCL 25)


  • Suitable for doors type 480PT, 480TN, 480LT, 480LWT, ATMC up to a maximum weight of 80Kgs.

The electronics is made of:

  • A power box installed on the same clamp of the engine with the following features:
    1. An inverter Telemecanique powered with 220V mono-phase and producing a 220V triphase output to drive the engine;
    2. A transformer 220V÷24V to power the PLC placed on the side;
    3. A safety device stopping the power (to the engine, to the PLC and to the inverter) if the emergency button is pushed.
    4. A PLC Telemecanique (Programmable Logic Controller), by means of which you can manage the working of the door;
    5. A selector to manage the automatic closing time;
    6. Outside of the box there are a control light to check the grid, three buttons (opening, closing, partial opening) and the emergency mushroom.

The mechanics is made of:

  • An engine, triphase, having a power of 0,18/0,25kW and totally reversible in case of lack of voltage;
  • A toothed beld allowing the movement, coated with a tissue that reduces the friction and, therefore, the noise;
  • Two pre-wired travel-stops alongside the engine having a level of protection IP67;
  • A reversible stretcher easy to adjust. The Ø itself of the pulleys helps the right tensioning of the belt, as it allows an immediate alignment.


  • Outside photocell with adjusting clamp and reflector mounted on the blade edge;
  • Safety edge with certified system;
  • Emergency mushroom.

Door dimensions:

  • 480 PT/ST 2000x3000mm;
  • 480 TN/LT 2000x2500mm;
  • 480 LWT 2000x2000mm.


  • Remote controller
  • Low temperature kit
  • Lock Art.94
  • Inside photocells
  • Inside push-button station
  • Radar
  • Inside flashing light



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