MTH tailor-made: personalized solutions for food preservation with vertical sliding doors

MTH, a champion of refrigeration for over 80 years, offers different solutions of industrial and commercial insulating doors for different areas of application.

The wide range of MTH’s doors includes hinged, sliding and service doors, for positive and negative temperature and with high possibility of customization, through the support of our team of experts at every stage of product design and manufacturing.

Among the special doors, MTH also offers a vertical sliding door, used for the hermetic closure of cold rooms where there is no possibility of horizontal sliding. It is equipped with EN13241-1 certified anti-fall systems and a blade with thickness of 92, 121 or 151 mm that ensures a thermal seal for applications from 0 to -45°C.

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Advantages of the vertical sliding door:

  • The movement is transmitted through two Ø6mm cables placed in the right and left corner in order to raise the door in a linear way;
  • The door is balanced by a single counterweight to facilitate assembly and reduce side encumbrance;
  • The aluminum guide is designed specifically for this door and satisfies high level of sturdiness, safety and ease of installation;
  • The end-of-stroke ramp guarantees perfect crushing of the seals;
  • The sliding roller, made of plastic material, ensures a linearity of movement and reduced noise.

Fields of application of the vertical sliding door:

Controlled temperature food storage, processing and curing cold rooms, both positive to -5 °C and negative to -45 °C, depending on the specific configuration of the doors and the customer's needs.
Meat processing plants, warehouses for the storage of fruit and vegetables, food warehouses, fish processing plants, logistics centers where there is no space to install a horizontal sliding door.

Recently, MTH has realized a vertical sliding door in a low-temperature logistics center in the Nordics. The customer needed a solution for short and narrow spaces, without the possibility of installing standard horizontal sliding doors. The project involved the construction of doors up to 3.5 meters high and suitable for an operating temperature of up to -40°C.

Finally, there is the option of providing the door with a special low-temperature automation kit and a choice of different door-opening solutions (remote control / radar / rope / spiral in the floor).

MTH vertical sliding door can be the ideal solution for your business!


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