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MTH and Sicuranext: a partnership for the security of customers and suppliers

MTH invests in cybersecurity

In recent years, cyber attacks targeting businesses have increased substantially and become increasingly sophisticated. Companies are more digital, but at the same time more vulnerable to attacks, in some cases with serious consequences in terms of data breach, production downtime and requests for large ransoms: in 2021, more than 75% of attacks had high severity and high impact. As a result, strengthening cybersecurity has become a major issue for all businesses, large and small.

MTH has decided to substantially improve its security posture by signing a partnership with Sicuranext, a leading Italian cyber security company, which will allow to protect the security of the company's infrastructure, endpoints and accesses at 360 degrees with a complete monitoring 24/7/365, preventing potential attacks and immediately intervening on cyber threats.

This will allow us not only to ensure the integrity of the information systems and the company’s perimeter, but also to ensure the security of the sensitive data of MTH and its customers and suppliers, to be at the forefront even in the digital world.

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