MTH celebrates its 80th anniversary in style

A great celebration for a great goal!

We live in a dynamic world, fast and constantly evolving, to the point that taking a moment of breath and looking back on the path made so far seems almost impossible. On Thursday, July 14, MTH celebrated in style an important milestone: 80 years of life, in which it passed from the world of wood to that of industrial and commercial refrigeration.

"If we go back for a moment to when it all began, we realize that a lot has been made" - that’s how Eng. Canova underlines his admiration for the constant commitment of what he calls his second family: among the employees who listened to the engineer’s words there was a strong satisfaction for the road traveled by the company. A motivating speech, a synthesis of great results obtained, of far-sighted choices (such as the acquisition of MTH in 2004 and Frigor Afen in 2007) but also of charge in facing difficult decisions and moments of difficulty and change like those we are experiencing today.

It is a point of arrival and departure: MTH is now a well-established reality that has its own identity and a voice in the international market, as well as a wide range of products in constant growth thanks to a young and dynamic R&D team. Important issues for the future such as digitisation, sustainability and inclusion were touched upon, stressing the need to continue investing in people’s talent and teamwork. During the celebration there were also three special guests: Ombretta Bertolo, Mayor of Almese, Silvano Agresti, coach of the Bulls Torino hockey team, of which MTH is official sponsor, and Riccardo Pittis, mental coach and former basketball player of the Italian national team. the mayor has emphasized the importance of MTH for the territory of Almese and the Val Susa in terms of occupation and creation of value; Agresti and Pittis, on the other hand, have created a parallel between the world of sport and business through the emphasis on teamwork and collective commitment, together with the enhancement of the talent and merit of individuals. MTH is a reality with a great strength that, thanks to the talent and ability of those who work there, is able to face increasingly difficult and challenging challenges to continue growing.

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