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Discover our "Mirror" sliding system

MTH presents the features of the patented slidign system model "Mirror"

MTH, leader in industrial and commercial refrigeration, designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of components for insulated doors through a process of constant innovation. Among the patented and most successful components, there is the sliding system model “Mirror”.

The “Mirror” track is extremely flexible: it can be used and installed on any kind of sliding door with or without frame, for positive or negative temperature and sized up to 4,000 x 4,000 mm.

Thanks to the particular setup of the track and the innovative design of the closing bend, the “Mirror” sliding system ensures an excellent flatness of the door, preventing any possibility of derailment. Moreover, the product is particularly user-friendly, as it is designed to be reversible and to ensure a quick and easy assembly.

It is possible to complete the system with the optional opening track cover, innovatively designed. The hinges, placed in the superior section, ensure an easy opening of the cover for inspection and cleaning interventions.

A further strength of the “Mirror” track is the packaging: both the track and the cover are realized in two distinct parts, with an extremely compact packing to simplify the moving and reduce transportation costs.





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