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LT Rapid pack 2.0


The MTH LT RAPID PACK 2.0 door is ideal for negative temperature environments up to -30°C.
This type of closure does not require any heating element, avoiding significant electricity consumption.
The presence of internal metal crossbeams guarantee solidity and fluidity of movement.
The special flexible tissue made of two sheets guarantee an excellent thermal and acoustic isolation.

The MTH LT RAPID PACK 2.0 door, thanks to its new double sheet concept with double-coated polyester and to its special lateral rails that reduce the
cold air transfer, does not require a heating element inside the double sheets.
Same type of products on the market require instead other heating elements for a constant head that absorb ~3 kW.
Hence, the MTH LT RAPID PACK 2.0 door guarantees an annual saving equivalent to ~26.000 kWh.



  • Frame - Self-supporting in galvanized steel (options: Stainless Steel Aisi 304,Stainless Steel Aisi 316)
  • Curtain - Double sheet made of two double-coated PVC polyester 900 g/m²,1 mm thickness, self-extinguishing class II features, RAL7035 color
  • Anti-crash - Internal crossbeam shockproof Carparelli Engine - Italian product suitable for intensive use in cold environments up to -30°C, 1,1 kW
  • Control panel - Power supply 400 V, with pre-wired quick connectors
  • Speed - 0,8 m/s
  • Isolin Photocell - Italian product, optical barrier installed along the rail H=2.500 mm
  • Cover - Upper metal crossbeam and gearmotor

The MTH LT RAPID PACK 2.0 door, is characterized by its strong self-supporting frame, the inner rails sealed
with side curtains and its self-extinguishing double sheet made of double-coated polyester.
The MTH LT RAPID PACK 2.0 has been tested with endurance tests of over 500.000 opening/closing cycles at -30°C.


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