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MTH Rapid roll 2.0


The MTH RAPID ROLL 2.0 door is the perfect solution for environments with controlled temperature, warehouses, retail channels and any other structure which needs different areas in order to preserve the characteristics of each specific environment. Thanks to its tightness provided by its flexible material and polizene slide-guides, the MTH RAPID ROLL 2.0 door provides an effective barrier against energy loss, improving as well the acoustic insulation between different environments.

The Rapid Roll door of MTH is characterized by strong self supporting frame, rails in polizene for food applications and a tissue made of self-estinguishing PVC polyester.
The standard type is equipped with a wireless safety edge,having short assembly time.
The MTH RAPID ROLL 2.0 has been controlled with endurance tests larger than 500.000 opening/closing cycles.


  • Frame: Self-supporting in steel profiles (option PVC coating)
  • Curtain: Double-coated PVC 1200 g/m², thickness 1 mm, self-extinguishing class II, color RAL5012
  • Anti-crash: Curtain easily manual repairable
  • Engine Carpanelli: Italian product model MA80c2 suitable for intensive use, 1,5kW
  • Power box with inverter: On the engine, with fast connectors
  • Guides: High density polizene profiles
  • Speed: 1,2 m/s
  • Safety edge: Safety wireless edge inside the curtain
  • Photocell: Transmitter and receiver mounted onto the frame
  • Cover: Upper-beam and engine
  • Window: 700x900mm in PVC trasparent


Clean opening width Nr windows
1.050 ÷ 2.100mm 1
2.110 ÷ 4.250mm 2
4.260 ÷ 5.990mm 3
6.000 ÷ 7.000mm 4