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Service doors


Semi-insulating hinged door, used for technical areas, offices and toilettes.

  • Hinged
  • Semi-insulating
  • Blade thickness 40mm
  • Polyurethane density 40Kg/m³
  • Double blade version available

Mainly used in areas with a positive temperature (therefore T>0°C), in order to:

  • divide areas for the drugs processing, or areas for the blood processing and freezing, from the ones used as offices;
  • divide noisy areas (soundproof door) from the ones that must be deafened (for example in the hospitals);
  • divide cold areas (thermo-insulating door) from the ones used as offices;
  • divide projecting areas from the one used as offices, for example in the Communication and IT industry;
  • divide hygienic areas (toilettes, showers) from the dressing room.



  • Blade edge in anodized aluminium (thickness 40mm);
  • Blade covered with plastic-coated metal sheet colour RAL 9010, thickness 5/10;
  • Aluminium handle;
  • Lock and cylinder.

Frame system

  • Modular frame and counter-frame (CPR 60, 80 and 100), built with section bars in anodized aluminium and gasket on three sides;
  • Flush floor threshold S/3 (without threshold).

Blade/frame standard connection


The product is different from the standard one as far as the Blade and the Frame system are concerned:


  • Blade edge thickness 40mm in stainless steel 15/10 folded and welded;
  • Blade covered with stainless steel thickness 6/10;
  • Stainless steel handle with lock and cylinder.

Frame system

  • Frame and counter-frame (included ) in stainless steel 15/10 folded and welded.
  • Flush floor threshold S/3 (without threshold).

Blade/frame connection

  • Stainless steel hinges (n°3).


Standard dimensions for one blade version

  • Up to 1500x2500mm.

Standard dimensions for two blades version

  • Up to 3000x2500mm
  • The two blades can have different widths, often the semi-fixed part is requested more little of the mobile one.


ral  (the colors are only representative)
The protection can be mounted inside, outside or on both sides Available materials:
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Corrugated aluminum (riveted to the surface)
  • White polyethylene (riveted to the surface)
13TUF198 0x9013TUF150 0x9013TUF001 0x90
17OLR001 17013 
14ALU101 14011