Our special refrigerated doors

MTH, leader in the production of industrial and commercial refrigerated doors, offers 2 main models of special doors. The CA sliding doors which is used on cold rooms requiring controlled atmosphere for fruit and vegetable conservation, where an excellent gas resistance for a long time is needed. The vertical sliding door type "Guillotine", on the other hand, is used for the hermetic refrigeration of cold rooms where there is no possibility of horizontal sliding of the door.

CA sliding door
The CA sliding door is designed for installations on cold rooms that require a gas seal in a controlled atmosphere for the storage of fruit and vegetable products at temperatures not lower than -5 C°, for long periods of time. MTH is the only company in the sector able to offer the CA door in two different models: the one with a double gasket system and the one with a single gasket system.

The double gasket system is characterized by the presence of two separate gaskets. The first, in EPDM, ensures thermal sealing during the load period of cold rooms, corresponding to the harvest and distribution at the end of the storage cycle. The second gasket, inflatable, is used during the storage period of the product in a controlled atmosphere. At this stage oxygen is removed from the cold room and replaced with nitrogen, so as not to alter the organoleptic characteristics of the harvest.

The system with a single gasket provides, instead, the presence of a single mechanical gasket in EPDM specifically designed to ensure a hermetic seal during both the period of load cold rooms and the period of storage in a controlled atmosphere. In this last phase the use of clamping handwheels allows to press the gasket on the door frame in a hermetic way in order to keep steady the quantity of gas.

Both models have the patented "MIRROR" upper sliding system, which guarantees an excellent adhesion between the hinge and the frame, and an inspection hatch complete with a key lock and equipped with an internal safety opening and magnetic seal. Finally, on request, CA sliding doors can be supplied with the PLCE automation system.

Vertical sliding door type "Guillotine"
The vertical sliding door is equipped with anti-fall systems certified EN13241-1 and with a blade of variable thickness from 92 to121 or 151mm that ensures a thermal seal for uses from 0 to -45 C°.

The movement is transmitted by two steel cables placed in the right and left corner, in order to raise the door in a linear way, and connected to a single counterweight to facilitate the installation and reduce the lateral footprint. A fall arrest system, placed on the sliding registers, locks the door in a safe position in case of cable breakage. Finally, the aluminium guide, specially designed by our Research and Development department, meets the needs of robustness, safety and quick installation.

Vertical sliding doors are normally supplied with PLCE automation, also EN13241-1 certified.